Challenge of Faith was established on January 1, 1984 under the leadership of Eld. Robert L. Jessie Sr. with his wife, family
members and two children from the neighborhood, in the den of their home. The first service was Tuesday night Bible Band. The
Lord blessed and we continued to have service in the Pastor’s den for approximately one month. We moved in a church building
on Tamarind in Compton, where we resided for approximately three weeks. The Lord continued to pour out his blessings and that
made the devil mad. We were put out and had to go back to the Pastor’s home. While at the Pastor’s home, the Lord sent two
brothers, the late Eld. English and Brother Conners to worship with us. The Lord blessed, and after being in the den for another
month we moved into the building where we are today.

We purchased the property in 1988 and in 1989 we began to remodel. In 1991 we purchased the property next door which was
the annex. To this day the Lord has continually blessed and added souls to the church such as should be saved. In 1997, we
were bless to pay off the mortgage on the church and in July of 1999 we purchased two parking lots. In 2003, we were also
blessed to pay off the mortgage on the church annex and the parking lots. In 2004 we began the renovation and enlargement of
the church. The remodeling project would combine the annex to the main edifice, and add additional classrooms and a larger
dining area.

There were many hills and mountains since the renovation began in August of 2005. An out of control vehicle crashed into the
church sanctuary and caused great damage. But the Lord provided refuge by way of Greater Peace MBC pastored by Reverend
Alton Lee. But despite the set backs, just under a year later on July 1, 2006, we returned to a beautiful and glorious sanctuary.
And on October 5, 2007 the City of Los Angeles signed off on the property as being completed under city codes and inspections.

Now with the help of the Lord we look forward to the many societal challenges that plaque mankind. Every day our chief endeavor
is to introduce as many people, regardless of race, color, or gender to a living savior that can heal the injured soul. We endeavor
to put in place a viable outreach ministry. Also youth and young adult ministries that offer spiritual guidance and educational
opportunities as well. We thank God for where he has brought us from “ For this is the Lord‘s Doing and It is Marvelous in our